Covid 19 Operational update

Bellapane Bread is running during the Covid 19 Level 4 lock down, with a few changes to our normal day to day operations.

Our Main bakery storefront is closed during this time, all purchases are done online, and all payments are done via Paypal or Internet banking, letting us provide you with zero contact sales over this time.

With most of our staff off over this period, we have trimmed our online store to what we deem essential, and what we are able to produce at our current staffing level. Items for both our gluten free items, and our traditional flour based breads have been chosen on popularity. These may change without notice, so please keep checking in with the online store.

From Monday the 13th until further notice, we are suspending all freight orders, excluding Tirau and Tokaroa. All orders on the system placed before Friday the 10th will be filled and shipped. With some major delays on the New Zealand Couriers network, we cannot guarantee your orders will arrive fresh, which is why we are suspending them. So to clarify we will continue to supply Putaruru, Tirau and Tokaroa until further notice (NO RURAL)

All local Putaruru deliveries are done by ourselves in the afternoons. We are keeping ourselves safe, by wearing PPE, and placing your orders down under cover where available. We cannot hand these to you, and cannot enter any properties that have dogs running free. We have had to set our delivery radius of 4km from the center of Putaruru township, And unfortunately unable to deliver to any rural address's. If you place an order with a rural address, we will either try to make contact with you to arrange another drop off point or we will refund your order ( even if you have placed an order with us before and are rural). We are also keeping a record of where we have been, and who we have delivered to as a precaution of any outbreak. 

We have also noticed that trimming the online store has jumbled many products around out of their normal placements, so please double check on what you order. All products that are gluten free, will display a gluten free label. We are only currently making our traditional flour English muffins, and not the gluten free, so please watch out for this. if you have any questions, or queries on any of our products, please reach out to us. Facebook is generally the fastest way.

Finally thank you for your support over this challenging time, Our main objective is to provide our community with food items they have struggled  to access, mainly in the gluten free areas, and we will continue to work toward sourcing other ingredient during this time. We hope as things change with MBE and MPI , we can open up a few more options to offer you all, so do keep checking back in to our online store. 

Thank you, and stay safe

Karen and Mike Tucker-Strachan