Our Products



 Flour Based Product 

All our Breads are made the Traditional way using cold fermented Starters, Minimal yeast and No added preservatives. They are all naturally risen in their own time to develop the full flavour. 


CIABATTA  - Super light and crusty, perfect for dipping and creating the perfect sandwich. We flavor our Ciabatta sponge with rye and wholemeal flours.

5 GRAIN - Our famous breakfast bread, makes fantastic toast, if there is any left for the following day

HERB TOPPED TURKISH PIDE - Super light and soft pide, topped with a selection of fresh herbs. With the addition of  Garlic infused olive oil this Flatbread loaf is super tasty.

HUMMINGBIRD RYE - Sweetened with molasses, this light Rye is a twist on the more solid, heavy  loaves, containing wholemeal, rye meal and pumpernickel. We roll this loaf in sesame and poppy seed to enhance the flavor

PANE ITALIANO - Our Signature white dough, Made the old fashioned way with a light crispy crust and delicate crumb. great for bap style buns, slider buns, and we\ use this dough to create our charcoal burger buns and long rolls.

Enriched Dough - The new dough on the block, Butter Enriched soft white dough, This has become very popular among the cafe and restaurant scene for burger buns, long torpedo rolls, and loaves.

FRUIT  LOAF -  Mikes specialty fruit loaf, based on  his famous hot cross buns. Made with his blend of marinated and spiced fruits, encased in a soft sweet dough.

FRENCH BRIOCHE- Made The traditional way with fresh butter and eggs

Vegan donuts  - Ask for the weeks flavor lineup 

 FOCCACIA  Topped with our own infused chili, garlic and basil oil.