Gluten free Products






Plain White

Cheese and Herb

Cheese and Bacon

Seven Seed and Grain

Pesto Parmesan

Olive and Sun dried tomato

Fruit Loaf

Caramelized onion

Rolls, Pizza and Panini

Pizza Bases Large , 3 or 6 Pack

Pizza bases snack , 3 or 6 pack

Panini , pack of 3 or 6

Burger buns , packs of 4

Soup rolls , 4 or 8 packs

Gluten free Hot Cross Buns ( seasonal) 

Soft long rolls (3 pack)

plain white



Grain & seed

Cheese and bacon

Cheese and herb

Garlic and herb 

Gluten free filled Donuts

Cinnamon sugar


Peach and Passionfruit

Cinnamon sugar Mini donuts 


Gluten free slices 

Caramel "tan" Square

Ginger crunch

Double chocolate Brownie

Pastry and Flour blend

Rough puff Pastry

Sweet Short  

Bellapane Gluten free baking flour - great for slices, biscuits and cakes. 

Xanthan Gum.by the 100gm